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Journal “Lokomotiv” (“Locomotive”) (before 1994 — “Elektricheskaya i Teplo-voznaya Tyaga” — “The Electric and Diesel Haulage”) is a specialized monthly. It contents the publications about the aspects of locomotive infrastructure, maintenance and repair of different types of locomotives, multiple unit stock, power supply systems.
The journal has been publishing since 1957. It is oriented on technical education of the personnel in locomotive and power supply infrastructures: locomotive drivers, their assistants, foremen, metalworkers, electricians, engineering staff, scientists and other specialists, students of colleges and universities, railway fans etc.
Today the journal “Lokomotiv” in practice is the only source of professional knowledge for the mentioned above staff. It publishes the recommendations for locomotive maintenance, description of new rolling stock, new technologies. The journal pays attention on transport reforms, science researches, traffic security, resource-savings, lean production, transport history, foreign engineering, social problems etc.

The main subjects of publications

• Scientific and technical progress of transport
• Maintenance of traction rolling stock: electric locomotives, diesel-electric locomotives, multiple unit stock
• New traction rolling stock
• Reforms of locomotive infrastructure
• Researches of locomotive constructions and infrastructure
• Traffic security
• Pneumatic and electric braking systems
• Fuel and electricity economy, resource-saving
• Lean production
• Technical training
• Heavy haulage
• Long-distance exploitation of locomotives
• IT-technologies, traffic automation
• High-speed traffic
• Depot infrastructure
• Economy in locomotive infrastructure
• Work safety, social and personnel problems
• Power supply systems maintenance
• History of transport
• World news of transportation

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